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Welcome to the Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation

The "Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation" (WCFAF) is dedicated to the preservation of traditional Ip Man lineage of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system and to sharing and passing on these teachings to new generations. The WCFAF is a world wide organization with branches and members throughout the world.

You can learn our distance learning home study course either on your own, or as a group or family to get the most out of the Wing Chun system. Maybe you live in an area without access to Wing Chun School. Start learning Wing Chun today from Sifu Jimmy Manfredy through the Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation's Online Course.

Sifu Manfredy is a Master Instructor under the Ip Man Wing Chun lineage under multiple instructors, as well as as being a member and certified master instructor under the famed "Ving Tsun Athletics Association" In Hong Kong signed by Grand Master Ip Ching (Ip Man's youngest son) and presented to by Ip Chun (Ip Mans oldest living heir). Sifu Manfredy is the founder and director of the Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation .

If you want expert instruction that fits into your schedule, the Wing Chun Fighting Art Federation's Distance Learning Program delivers. Learn from one of the best at your own pace. Master Manfredy will guide you through the entire Wing Chun system, while helping you learn the essentials in Wing Chun skills at your own speed. Well planned step-by-step instructional DVDs. 

To schedule a Wing Chun seminar at your school or private lessons at the main school, please contact Sifu Manfredy at our main facility located in Lakeland, FL USA, which you are also welcomed to visit.

Sifu Jimmy Manfredy also offers an Instructor Certification Program to individual who aspire to be an Instructor in your area. please contact directly for more information.

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