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Wing Chun Distance Learning Courses
are for those who would like expert instruction that fits into their schedule.
Wing Chun Distance Learning Program will deliver just that. Learn from one of the best at your own pace.

(This by no means is a replacement for a live teacher and training, and although sashed rank may be achieved you must make a solid effort to physically train and maintain training under Sifu Manfredy or one of his tested and certified affiliates instructors, No exceptions!)

Do you have a desire to learn Wing Chun, but but can't find a schools or qualified instructors in your area? Are you a Wing Chun practitioner ready to take the next step and become a certified instructor? The Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation proudly offers you a Home Study Online Course that will assist you in achieving your goals of learning the Wing Chun system.


Both the Wing Chun Distance Learning Program and Wing Chun Instructor Certification Program are available to Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation members and are overseen directly by Sifu Jimmy Manfredy. Master Manfredy has been trained under the Ip Man Wing Chun lineage he is also he is the founder and director of the  Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation.

Sifu Manfredy, Grandmaster Ip Chun, & Sifu Samuel Kwok

Wing Chun Home Study Online Courses


This home study program is designed to aid those who desire to learn Wing Chun, but do not otherwise have access to a school or instructor in their area.
Master Chan will guide you through the entire Wing Chun system, helping you learn essential Wing Chun skills at your own speed. 

Sifu Jimmy Manfredy, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, & Grandmaster Ip Chun


Wing Chun Instructor Certification


Instructor Certification through the International Wing Chun Martial Art Association is available to both existing Wing Chun Instructors and those interested in becoming instructors.

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