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What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Ip Chun on the Wooden Dummy

Wing Chun is one of the most widely known and practiced martial arts in the world! Although being one of the most powerful, practical and easy to learn arts, it's rooted in the physics of body movement and economy of those movements and structured for close quarters combat, it relies on accuracy, speed, redirection of energy minimal movement for maximum power output to overcome opponents. Because Wing Chun emphasizes technicality over brute force, it is an ideal self-defense system for everyone. Practitioners of this art will develop the discipline, skill and the ability think clearly as they progress through seven levels of achievement.

Sifu Manfredy's Wing Chun school in Lakeland, FL, maintains that traditional teachings in martial arts practice is important. Our instructors have been professionally trained to teach all level of Wing Chun and more importantly, how to develop the values of respect, patience, self-control, honor, and integrity. Students are always expected to meet every requirement of their belt level in order to move forward. We offer instructor training program to students who have successfully reached the black sash level. Qualified students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills with the potential of becoming future Wing Chun instructors.

Ip Chun on the Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)

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